Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter in hawaii

I seriously can not get enough of Hawaii and having two of my best friends there made it all the better! Sometimes I wonder why I never moved there, even for a little bit? It's sunny and relaxing and I Love It! Maybe I'll have to go there for a semester or two in college? :)

Highlights: spending time with my family, playing with britt and kim, corrupting kaitlyn with our snap chats late at night. kayaking, hiking barefoot to maunawilli falls and up lanikai, going to the farmers market for dinner, sitting on the curb at the farmers market playing "pass or keep" with my brother and sister, talking with my mom, reading on the beach, spontaneous late night runs, climbing our mango tree, and riding my beach cruiser!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend prep before hawaii!

-This weekend I went on a motorcycle ride with this kid :) 
I'm super afraid of motorcycles, but I actually enjoyed it... if we didn't go fast or turn too much haha!
 -Watched a lot of this
-And because it was priesthood meeting we decided to turn it into a girls night with Pei Wei, me face planting it in front of restaurant windows for all who were inside to see... nothing out of the ordinary for me (those are the times I wish my life was being constantly filmed!), and frozen yogurt from Uswirl!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

St. George and Vegas with Christy and KT

week number four of march trips

Highlights: eating homemade ice cream at the red barn, caffeine/sugar stops, swimming in the freezing pool and quail lake. listening to music with the top down, hiking the mini narrows, eating mexican food at the "hottest spot in town", spontaneously going to vegas for 3 hours, riding the new york new york roller coaster, driving really fast..., and meeting Abe, a.k.a werewolf from breaking dawn :)