Friday, May 6, 2011

Why Wouldn't You?

-Good Weather
-Lovely Friends
-Live Music
-Organic cafe's
+and to top it all off... oreo's dipped in milk!

Tonight is just a prelude to what my summer adventures are going to be! But I haven't had one of these nights in a long time, so it felt amazing as you can imagine :) And that's when I came to this brilliant conclusion!!! I am GOING to do a study abroad in Stantorini, Greece!
Random right? I was just sitting there perfectly content with my oreo's and it hit me! Honestly though that's how most of my greatest ideas come to find me! Random and Spontaneous! 

I don't even know if Stantorini offers a study abroad program... but i'm willing to do anything! I'll sign up for some sort of, I don't even know? As long as it gets me there and gives me a place to sleep, running water isn't even a necessity! ha ha :) 

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