Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sun Kissed. - Sunday's

Ok, I've started a few new things on sun kissed. those being -simple goals for the week and -sun kissed. Sunday's! The simple goals for the week are just little things I can do to help me be a happier person to myself and others! The sun kissed. Sunday's are meant to be pictures, quotes, ...etc that will help keep the feeling of being outside on a blissfully sunny day with you no matter where you are.

To kick off sun kissed. -Sunday's I just got back from visiting my mom in Hawaii and here are a few pictures from the trip!

Top: jack johnson tree north shore, north beach on kaneohe bay marine corpse base
Middle: my brother's surf board, reading at kailua beach
Bottom: little gecko I found at my moms, dodging the waves at sunset beach

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