Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the christmas countdown begins!

  Every year me, kaitlyn van hoff, brittan tehan, and kim mott (my best friends in the whole world) make a christmas countdown list of fun holiday things to do! But this year is going to be extra special, crazy, fun, madness because after the holidays we're all going our separate ways for the first time since we were all like 5 years old! It makes me sad to think about but at least we still have the holidays together!! :) can't wait you guys!

hot tub
ice skate
reindeer run
christmas card
fireplace s'mores
make holiday treats
cut down a christmas tree
listen to christmas music 
christmas movie mondays
feed the hungry/volunteer
make homemade hot chocolate
go down town and see the lights
drive around random neighborhoods to see lights

1 comment:

  1. ah i love this so much!!!!!!! i seriously can't wait!! one more week!