Monday, March 5, 2012

waking up happy

I know I'm behind from the weekend but today was so great I wanted to hurry and share so everyone could enjoy to! Today was one of those days where my head popped off the pillow and I already had a smile on my face! Yummy breakfast, made it on time to class, got ALL my homework done before 3 in the afternoon, took an hour before work to go outside (its 60 degrees today... in Utah?) and read the new book I got from the library,  went on a 7 mile run with one of my best friends from california (and the run was amazing!!!), came home had a delicious organic dinner, and now I get to climb into bed and sleep in because tomorrow is late start! Not only was this a relaxing-ly productive day but I found something to laugh about all the while. I hope your week can be just as great! 

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