Friday, March 11, 2011


 I was out in my back yard today standing in the warm sun! 
When i looked down and guess what i saw!?
 This BEAUTIFUL little flower!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I love warm weather!
It makes you feel like running around and screaming, and it's so much less depressing! 
With the warm beautiful sun out shinning down on you! ah, i can't wait for SUMMER!! 
things i especially can't wait for:
shorts, tank-tops, swimming, traveling, beach, thunderstorms, sunsets
I need spring to come quick because these random spurts of 
good weather keep getting my hopes up! 

(so keep growing for me little guy, I'm desperate for the sun!)

1 comment:

  1. Renae..I love this because I want summer too! I can't wait. We are going to have adventures this summer :) (hawaii) and have the time of our lives. love you!