Monday, February 27, 2012

a little bit of Utah

Even though we haven't had enough for my liking this year that doesn't stop me from going out and playing in the snow! The earth club officers (plus lauren and becka) decided it was well over due to strap on our snow shoes and head up into the mountains for a winter hike, oh and a game of snow base-ball! :)

how to play snow base-ball:
snow-ball is basically baseball but played with snow. You need 3 bases, instead of a ball you use snow, and a ski pole instead of a bat, and if you're hit with a snow ball your out!
The only difference really is the fact that everyone has snow so getting out is a lot easier... 
the rule is if two people are hit only one person can get out each batting, the first person to get hit
with a snow ball is out! 

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